Joining Our Facilitated Peer Group: Key Considerations

1. Timing and Duration:

  • Reflect on your availability and commitment. Can you attend the group sessions consistently within the specified timing and duration?

2. Resources and Life Situation:

  • Assess your personal resources (time, energy, emotional capacity). Consider how participating in the group aligns with your current life situation.

3. Commitment to Group Rules:

  • Review the group’s rules. Are you willing to adhere to them? Commitment ensures a respectful and supportive environment.

4. Emotional Preparedness:

  • Self-discovery work can evoke strong feelings. Are you prepared to engage openly and listen empathetically to others?

5. Safety and a Safer Space:

  • The group follows principles of a safer space. Can you commit to creating a safer, respectful environment for all participants?


Remember, your well-being matters. Take time to reflect and make an informed decision. We look forward to welcoming you!

Join us and become part of a nurturing community where every woman’s journey is honoured and celebrated