International networks

Naistenkartano cooperates with sister organizations in Sweden and the United States.

Kalliola settlement
Sturenkatu 11
00510 Helsinki

045 138 5110

Naistenkartano was established in 1922.

Naistenkartano is an organization established in 1922 to take preventive action towards women’s alcohol and other dependencies. The organization strives to assist women to rid one of dependencies in their early stages and to give women tools to be empowered.

Central topics for Naistenkartano:

  • peer groups for women
  • self-help and resourcefulness
  • empowerment of women
  • women’s advocacy work

For a modern Finnish woman, there are numerous roles to maintain and expectations regarding these roles to live up to. Dependence might follow when addictions overpower feelings of stress, loneliness, anger, bitterness or guilt in daily life.

The NOVAT-Programme

Naistenkartano organizes the NOVAT-programme in Finland. The programme empowers women to take charge of their lives and helps them make the changes they want for themselves. The core funciton of the programme is to provide support groups for women with material provided by the organization. Groups meet up weekly for three semesters and are open to all women over 18 years old who feel discontent with themselves and their lives. The organization also coordinates NOVAT groups online in the Nettikartano service.